Long Distance Relationship: How I Handle It

By: Anthony 

I’ve been in a long distance relationship for almost five months now, and I won’t see my better half for about another six months. I’m in the Philippines and she’s in the States. It’s difficult to be honest, specially when a fight breaks out. But nonetheless, me and my girl have kept it together all these months, and plan to keep it going for a very long time. So how do I do it? Well here are some factors that I always try to consider:

Constant Communication
It’s very important to keep in constant communication with your better half. Aim for an everyday schedule of short or long talks. In our age today, it’s not that difficult to find a means of communication. The internet is your friend is what they always say and that’s right on the money. We use Yahoo Messenger for chat and Skype for video calls. We chat everyday and make video calls on weekends when we’re not that busy.

Rekindle the Passion
This is much, much more difficult to do since we’re physically separated. Any form of physical interaction that sparked the romance when she was still here is impossible to recreate. However, again through the use of the internet, this could still be done. Personally, I keep her interested in me as much as I can by being sweet to her. She knows how I am when I’m sweet, and it makes her smile.

Keep Your Distance

Stay away from the opposite sex. Always. If you have female friends, as long as they’re friends it’s ok. If you get too close, you run the danger of falling in love. The problem is, you may have already fallen for someone but you just don’t know it yet. If that’s the case, then heartbreak is guaranteed to follow. Just try and keep your distance and everything will be ok. Prevention is better than cure.

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