Ai-Ai de las Alas all jitters about kissing scene with Robin Padilla

Singer and comedian actress Ai-Ai de las Alas admitted in an interview that she was slightly agitated about her first kissing scene with Robin Padilla.

watch full interview below the cut.

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Ikaw Pa Rin is Ai-Ai de las Alas and Robin Padilla’s first movie together. It tells the story of the fireman Boy (Robin) and veterinarian Baby (Ai-Ai) who are both unlucky in love. Boy was left by his girlfriend, whom he had son, for a foreigner while Baby had a cunning man for a boyfriend who is only after her free services to his pets.

Eventually both became single. And while Baby is desperately looking for love because her biological clock is ticking, Boy on the other hand, care less about love.

Boy met Baby in a restaurant when the latter saved his son from choking. Boy, very much grateful to Baby for saving his son, told her to ask anything from him and he’ll gladly to oblige. But Baby, who told Boy that she was only doing her job, declined his offer.

But when the two met again in a town fiesta, Baby had a changed of heart. And in front of the townspeople, Baby gave her one and only wish to Boy, and that is to father her a child.

Will Boy gives in to her request? Well, I guess that’s the thing we need to find out. =)

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