Reynaldo Lapuz on American Idol

Have you heard of a man named Reynaldo Lapuz? If you haven’t then you probably still living under rocks where the words television and American Idol are unheard of. Lol. Why Reynaldo Lapuz is just the next big thing after William Hung! Well cut that next big thing crap, because I think, Access Hollywood had just labeled him the new William Hung. Anyhow, his song We Are Brothers Forever was ridiculously awesome it even made Randy and Paula danced. Oh and Simon, well he surely did enjoy the performance. I mean, Reynaldo Lapuz is his number one fan and the song We Are Brothers Forever was made especially for him. *heh* Certainly a laugh-out-loud moment for American Idol.

If you want to see how Reynaldo Lapuz entertained the high and mighty Simon Cowell, well just click on the link below. =)

Reynaldo Lapuz is a Philippine native who now lives in Texas. He works as a janitor by day and prolly a composer by night. Lol. Hate him? Who cares? I mean atleast he made a lot of people smile.

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