So Jennylyn Mercado is pregnant, now what?

Well Jennylyn may be 6 weeks pregnant now but no wedding bells for her yet. Contrary to what was reported earlier, Jennylyn and Patrick went to Makati City Hall to seek counseling and not to get married. Though it’s true that boyfriend Patrick Garcia offered her marriage but looks like the couple doesn’t want to rush on things.

Also, due to Jennylyn’s condition, the couple were pulled out from GMA 7’s upcoming show “Maging Akin Ka Lamang”.

Jennylyn MercadoAccording to the network’s management they are not closing their doors for her, they’re only concern with her and the health of the baby. They’re still willing to give her projects once she’s ready to work again. For the mean time, Jennylyn will only do some TV guestings and she’s fine with it. In fact, Jennylyn is even willing to give up her career for the baby. Well, at least she knows her priority.

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I was never a fan of Jennylyn Mercado but she was my bet during her stint at Starstruck. I like her more than Yasmin Kurdi. *heh* But I do admire her not because she is a “star” but because she’s really a survivor. I’m talking about her experiences as a victim of child abuse. I mean she was beaten hard by her stepfather then there was even this incident where her stepfather burned her back using a flat iron. And her biological mom didn’t even care. Luckily, Jen has an aunt who saved her stepfather and adopted her legally.

Anyway, I believe she’ll be a loving and caring mother now that she’s about to become one. She probably wouldn’t let her child experience the same fate she had.

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