The Quest of New York’s Hopeless Romantic

I’m talking about Patrick Moberg and his quest to find the girl of his dreams.

The story?

Well, Mr. Hopeless Romantic took this train where he saw the girl of his dream. He didn’t instantly talk to her because he was feeling a little nervous for the lack of words. And when he finally mustered some courage to talk her she’s already getting off the train. He ran after her but unfortunately, she was gone amidst the sea of unknown faces. Being the romantic hopeless that he is, he devised a plan to find her and so he started his quest. He put up a website where he uploaded a sketch of the girl (see below) of her dreams hoping that through the help of the Internet, he’ll find her.

New York’s Hopeless Romantic

Camille Hayton

And his brilliant plan worked!

He found her.

Her name is Camille Hayton — an Aussie lass who’s having her internship at BlackBook and whose apartment, had unfortunately burned down just recently. Also there were written infos that Patrick Moberg’s dream girl is also auditioning to land a short acting stint as an extra in the upcoming Sex and the City movie. Well, I’m guessing that this whole internet drama will make her standout.

Love definitely knows no boundaries as it was proven by Patrick’s quest to love. Instead of just letting it pass, he did something to find it. And he was successful.

Now I remember this one scene in the movie Indecent Proposal where John Gage (Robert Redford) was talking to Diana (Demi Moore) about his lost love. I believe it also happened in the subway and it’s the very same situation as that of Patrick’s. If only John Gage made use of the internet, then he could’ve had his own happy ending and he would’ve not resorted to buying someone else’s wife. Lol.

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