The Poor Beauty Queen Evicted

Baron, Donnie, Megan and Zara

Though today started off with cheers and laughters since it was the Musikerong Dad’s birthday, the Second Eviction Night has to move on and this is probably the most dreaded day of all the housemates especially for Megan, Zara, Baron and Donie for someone has to leave tonight and it’s just sad that Zara Aldana has to bear the bad news.

Zara Aldana - PBB’s Second evictee

The Poor Beauty Queen is the second evictee of this season’s Pinoy Big Brother, having garnered 18% only of the total votes. Megan Young still got the highest percentage of votes having taken the 50% of total votes followed by the two-in-one housemates Donnie and Baron who got 31.94% of the votes.

The curtain had closed for the poor beauty queen and who will be the next celebrity housemate exiting the country’s most popular house?

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