PBB Housemates now complete

Kuya’s celebrity housemates are now complete and they’re the following:

    1. Princess of Charm – Megan Young
    2. Desirable Diva – Riza Santos
    3. True Lover – Will Devaughn
    4. The Real Mcoy – Mcoy Fundales
    5. Wild Child – Baron Geisler and Good Brother – Donnie Geisler
    6. Ultimate Pasaway – Ethel Booba
    7. Lonely Dreamboy – Victor Basa
    8. Poor Beauty Queen – Zara Aldana
    9. Mom in Distress – Yayo Aguila
    10. Brainy Babe –Marylaine Viernes and Despised Babe – Jen de Silva
    11. Komedyanteng Promdi – Ruben Gonzaga
    12. Racing Goddess – Gaby dela Merced
    13. English Outcast – John Avila

Too much to the surprise of many Kuya’s Kapitbahay Mariel Rodriguez is also to become a housemate. She was locked inside the house when she ushered John Avila in the confession room. It was a planned surprise that really brought the bubbly actress into tears. And according to Mariel’s co-host-slash-friend, Bianca Gonzales, to become a housemate is her greatest fear.

Poor Mariel, looks like she’s stuck in there for a while. And to Big Brother, I wonder what’s he up to.

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